What are Keywords and Why Do They Matter?


Keywords would make for chapter two in any SEO 101 book. Just after chapter one, all about how Google works and what the heck an algorithm is. If you skipped chapter one, don’t worry. We’ll cover that. But first, let us explain (in a technobabble-free way) just what keywords are and why they are important.

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How HTML affects On Page SEO


Part 2 in our series of On Page SEO factors.  The first was about quality content.  Today we are talking about HTML.

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A Cardboard Guitar – A Materclass In Content Marketing

I shared the video of the Cardboard Guitar on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, but I really wanted to talk in more detail about one of the best pieces of original branded content I have ever seen.

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Customer Relationship Management Built Through Blogging

customer relationship management-conversation

Customer relationship management is a challenge for every company. Even the smallest of businesses are likely to find some difficulties in communicating with each and every customer.

Have you thought about using your website not just as a marketing tool to attract new business but an aftersales resource?

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5 Essential Steps To The Perfect Infographic

5 Essential Steps To The Perfect Infographic

Infographics have proven an essential member of the content marketing family.  Infographics are visually stimulating, graphical representations of data.  They tell the story of a data set in a way that is easy to digest and pleasurable to read.  But how do you build an Infographic worth reading?

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On Page SEO Fundamentals that Effect Page Rank


On Page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to factors on your website that can affect its ranking in search engines. Good on page SEO involves structuring information in the best way for both search engines and users. The key is making that information easy to understand. And making the website easy to navigate.

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Most Expensive Keywords In Paid Search

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive keywords in paid search are?  Well, SEMRush & WebpageFX (awesome people) produced this mind-blowing infographic looking at just that.  SEMrush collected the data and WebpageFX created the visuals and the results are staggering.

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What is Twitter Anyway?


Twitter is the brainchild of Jack Dorsey (@Jack), Biz Stone (@Biz), Evan Williams (@Ev) and Noah Glass (@Noah).

Like many game-changing things in our history, Twitter was created by accident.

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Winning at Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing

Whatever your business, it’s important to generate traffic to your website.  Traffic to your website will mostly come through Search.  Someone somewhere has typed a query into Google. If that query matches the words and phrases on your website, then you will show up in the search results.  But what if you want to rank higher in the search results?  That’s where Search Engine Optimisation comes in.

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Your Content Marketing Will Fail and What To Do About It


So, you have been doing Content Marketing.  You’ve been writing stuff for weeks now and you haven’t noticed any significant increase in sales or leads.  You are starting to feel like you were sold a bill of goods with this whole Inbound Marketing scam!

Woah, calm down, stop right there.  Let’s take a look and see what we can do for you…

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