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What are Keywords and Why Do They Matter?


Keywords would make for chapter two in any SEO 101 book. Just after chapter one, all about how Google works and what the heck an algorithm is. If you skipped chapter one, don’t worry. We’ll cover that. But first, let us explain (in a technobabble-free way) just what keywords are and why they are important.

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Customer Relationship Management Built Through Blogging

customer relationship management-conversation

Customer relationship management is a challenge for every company. Even the smallest of businesses are likely to find some difficulties in communicating with each and every customer.

Have you thought about using your website not just as a marketing tool to attract new business but an aftersales resource?

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Welcome To ShadowBlogs

Well hello, this is our first blog on a site all about blogging.

It’s meta and I apologise for that.

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