Welcome To ShadowBlogs

Well hello, this is our first blog on a site all about blogging.

It’s meta and I apologise for that.

To kick off, we want you to know that our aim here at ShadowBlogs is to make better content.  Great content for ourselves and great content for our clients.  The thing is, that reach isn’t quite big enough for us,  we’re tired of terrible content web-wide, whether it’s repetitive puff pieces on non-news sites that waste our precious precious time or business blogs that are bloated with keywords and say nothing.  It all needs to stop.

To that end, we want to share anything and everything we know about web copy, blogging and content marketing.  This blog will be advice, tips and celebrating excellent web content and anything else we feel like sharing.  If you have any examples of excellence that you want to share then let us know.  We don’t plan on pulling any punches with bad content either, we can all learn just as much from examples of what not to do.

Also, as we work alongside great web designers, developers and marketers we’ll be sharing their wisdom too, and we would welcome any requests on topics you’d like discussed and we’ll write about it.  Our business runs like a community rather than a corporation and we’d love for you to join us as we grow.

It’s pretty ambitious to want to improve the entire internet, so we’ll just take it one site at a time.  If you want your website to be part of our mission, if you are a writer who wants to get involved or you just want to talk blogs then get in touch

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