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We produce business blogs for a range of industries and varying company sizes, and we do it because blogging is no longer a ‘nice to have’ feature of a business website, it is essential.  Essential, but time consuming and not something you want to do badly.

So why not take the pressure off? We can write regular blog posts for you, to either supplement your own blogging & marketing activities or take over the whole shebang.

In order to be able to write on your behalf we have to know you, to that end we have developed a profiling system to create Author Persona’s, our literary version of the person we will be writing as.  You.

Armed with who we are writing as we will also work with you to establish who we are writing for.  Your target audience is extremely important so in order to grab and engage them we’ll work with you to define who you want to attract with your blog.

All of our blogs are subject to our internal editorial process and sign off.  We can even find the best image collateral for you to use with your articles or just general use on your site.

Whether you are a start up that needs a solid content base to launch your site from, an established company needing a regular scheduled blog or a multinational requiring content for a specific campaign, we can deliver.


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